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Washing Machine Tips

Mildew and Odors – After the washing machine is finished, and the clothes are removed, leave the door open, allowing the moisture to dissipate and dry out. This will reduce stale odors and mildew from forming.

Lint Filter – Keep your lint filter on your washing machine clean. The filter is typically just before the water pump assembly. If you are not comfortable in doing this, give our office a call and we’ll send a technician out to give your washer a good maintenance check.

Keep it Clean – Periodically use a good disinfectant and cleaner to clean the inside of your washing machine drum and the detergent dispensers. Residue can build up over time and cause staining of your clothes.

Don’t Overload – Filling your washing machine with too large of a load creates an inefficiency in the cleaning cycles. Filling the drum to about three quarters with clothes should be the maximum for the machine to wash it efficiently.

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