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How long should my appliances last?


A refrigerator typically lasts 10-15 years with normal use. A compact fridge typically has a shorter lifespan, since they are typically cheaper and on the low end. To keep a refrigerator running even longer, be sure to keep the outdoor and indoor parts clean. Dust on the refrigerator coils causes problems on the fridge condenser, which will cause your fridge to fail – possibly even before the typical lifespan. To prevent this, purchase a special coil-cleaning refrigerator brush and clean the coils at least once a year.

Washing Machine

Washing machines last around 10-13 years, depending on how many cycles it’s been through. Top loading washing machines tend to live even longer than front-loading ones. However, you can extend your washer’s life and usage by doing weekly or monthly maintenance. Washing the insides with bleach or vinegar will remove odors, buildup, and other gunk that can accumulate after many uses. This is guaranteed to make your washing machine last longer.


Dryers have a lifespan of 10-13 years. Like washers, the lifespan of a dryer depends on the number of cycles it’s been through. However, the best way (and most important way) to keep your dryer running is to clean the lint trap each time you use it. Too much lint buildup can destroy your dryer, and can also be a serious fire hazard. Cleaning the lint trap and keeping your dryer filters clean and dust-free can optimize your dryer’s usage for years.

Oven Range and Cooktop

Your oven ranges and cooktops can last from 13-15 years with proper maintenance and care. Gas stoves typically last longer than electric ones. Most problems with oven ranges and cooktops start from a lack of cleaning and care. Cleaning vents and filters often will prevent buildup and clogs. Also, you can make your stoves last longer by consistently checking the burners for issues.


The lifespan of a dishwasher is around 10-13 years. When your dishwasher breaks down, it probably won’t need urgent repairs – since many people own sinks. A dishwasher with more expensive features can actually break down a lot easier than a cheaper one, since it has more parts and requires more maintenance. However, by regularly cleaning and checking your dishwasher’s filters, you may be able to keep your dishwasher running for years.

Not all appliances were made to last forever. Even with proper care and maintenance, your appliances may still need to be repaired and replaced after a few years.

When you have an issue with any of your appliances, call Michatech Appliance Repair at 318-517-4224 today!

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