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Microwave no no's!

Modern-day microwaves can take on quite a bit of abuse in homes and offices all over the planet. We all know there are some things that don’t belong in a microwave like dome plastic cups, and to-go containers. First of all, they can begin to melt, leaving plastic residue in your food (yuk). Secondly, as plastic is heated, it secretes BPA, a substance known to disrupt your hormones and cause other health issues. The same applies to styrofoam of all kinds as well.

If a bag of popcorn goes in the microwave – why can’t other paper bags? It’s simple. Popcorn bags are made for the microwave, specially formulated with a substance in the liner to absorb radio waves in the microwave. Regular paper bags don’t have this; therefore, they can break down, and catch fire, or even emit their own toxins and fumes into the microwave.

It’s also tempting to heat your coffee in your travel mug before leaving for work, but don’t do it! Travel mugs – whether stainless steel or plastic – are just not designed to be heated in the microwave. The stainless-steel mugs may not heat because steel is common in the construction of the microwave, plus, it may cause other interference with the microwaves. Plastic mugs – even those that say they are microwave safe – may melt, so avoid them all together.

Most people know this, but it’s worth repeating. Any liner or material that contains foil cannot go into the microwave. If it does, it will likely cause sparks in the microwave, as the waves reflect off of the foil. This can be extremely dangerous – not to mention a sure-fire way to need microwave repair.

So if your microwave or any other appliance isn't performing so good, give us a call,

Michatech Appliance Repair at 318-517-4224!

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