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Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Machine Comparison!

With so many great choices for washing machines nowadays, it can be hard to choose. We made this quick guide so you can make an informed decision.

Front Loading Washer

When thinking about top loading and front loading washing machine comparisons, the first thing that comes to mind is efficiency. Front load washing machines are more efficient and quieter than top loading machines. Not only do these washers require less water and power, but they require less detergent as well.

However, front load washers have a bigger initial cost compared to top load washers. That being said, long term savings on water and power make up for the investment.

Top Loading Washer

The biggest difference between front load and top load washers is the initial cost. Generally, top loading washing machines tend to be less expensive than front load washers. Energy efficiency becomes a concern with this type of washer, as you’ll spend more on water and power.

However, there are high-efficiency top load units, which is something to consider for a top loading and front loading washing machine comparison.

No matter which washer you own or choose to buy?

When you weigh top load vs front load washer pros cons, the biggest difference are upfront costs and energy efficiency. If neither is a top concern for you, then consider other advantages and disadvantages.

Are you going to wash bulky items like comforters? Then a front load washer is the better choice. Do you prefer a deeper wash? Top load washers often have a deep water, or soak, option.

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