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Broken Dryer Belt

If your dryer belt is broken, your dryer will supply heat, but the drum will not spin. Your dryer belt will get worn down over time from regular use, or because of friction caused by impeded drum support rollers or bearings. For this repair, you’ll need to remove the top and front portions of your dryer’s casing. Every brand and model have different methods for removing the casing. Once the casing is removed, you’ll see the drum resting loosely on support rollers.

You should also notice a thin black belt on the drum. If there’s no belt, it may have fallen beneath the drum. If you see the belt, try pulling on it. If it’s broken, it will come off with ease. Installing the new belt involves looping the belt around the drum and setting it on top of the rollers, then running the belt through the idler pulley and motor pulley.

This repair is best done by an experience clothes dryer repair technician. Every dryer is different and requires experience to make sure everything is set properly and moving fluidly. If your dryer or other household appliance malfunctions call or text us at 318-517-4224 today. You may also visit our website at

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