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Getting The Most Out of Your Dryer's Performance!

Your dryer came with an owner’s manual, and hopefully you have read it. While we can give general advice that works for most dryers, the truth is that every machine is different. Follow the specific advice for your machine over any other advice you are given.

Divide Laundry by Fabric Weight

Many people sort their laundry by color. This makes sense to prevent a red shirt from turning your whites pink, but today’s clothing is very often color-safe. If that is the case, then you should be sorting your laundry based on its weight. This is because lightweight fabrics dry much faster than heavy fabrics.

If you have a lot of heavy fabrics within a load that is otherwise light, then your dryer has to keep drying until all the heavy things are dried. If you put lightweight items together, they can dry more quickly and require less time.

Clean Out Your Dryer Vent

You should clean the lint out of your dryer after every single load; yes, you read that correctly. If not, lint can build up and become trapped within the cracks and crevices of your dryer. Even small amounts of lint can build up as time goes on and can make your dryer less efficient. Poorly sealed doors can also lead to mold growth and longer drying times. It can also lower the heating and drying Times.

You do not need high heat for every load of clothing. Each load needs a different amount of time-based on the amount of clothing within it and what is in it. If you’re not in a hurry, lower the temperature and set it to a 40-minute cycle. If that’s not done, then you can put it back in for another ten minutes.

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