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Dryer Not Heating? Research the Most Common Causes

The ability to do laundry in your own home saves families time and money. Unfortunately, heating issues are one of the most common issues families experience with their dryer. If the heating element in your dryer stop working completely, you could find yourself passing away hours at a laundry mat.

Thankfully, there are only a few parts that cause most heating issues in electric and gas dryers. Although it’s possible to replace any of these pieces yourself, working with a local appliance repair expert is recommended to ensure the appliance is repaired properly and safely.

No one wants to go to a laundromat when their dryer quits working!

Electric Dryers:

Electric dryers are easy to use, but they can be incredibly dangerous to work on without the right tools. Take a look at the most likely causes of heat loss in an electric dryer before calling a specialist:

Faulty Heating Coils:

Inside of your electric dryer is a small copper coil. Known as the “heating coil,” this component is responsible for creating and distributing heat throughout the appliance. The heating coil can be tested with a “hot stick,” (also known as an electrical continuity tester) to check for power. If the coil is broken or damaged, replace it using this step-by-step guide

Damaged Thermostat:

Thermostats are safety features that monitor the internal heat of your dryer. If excess heat is detected, the thermostat automatically “raises the alarm” by halting heat production.

There are two reasons your thermostat may cause a heating problem:

  • Clogged Vents: If the exhaust vents in your dryer become clogged, the trapped heat will increase the internal temperature of the appliance and trigger the thermostat. If clogged vents are the issue with your machine, clear out the lint screen and air vent.

  • Broken Part: Occasionally, thermostats stop working due to wear and tear. Thankfully, you can replace the part itself for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy a new dryer. To determine if the thermostat in your dryer is broken, Contact us for an expert dryer repair specialist and request a service call.

Cycling thermostats are responsible for regulating the temperature within the drying drum. As clothes tumble, the cycling thermostat regulates the amount of heat traveling into the drum. When this part begins to malfunction, it could cause the dryer to stop producing heat entirely.

Next blog will discuss other problems that you may be facing with your dryer. Contact us today for fast, friendly professional service!

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