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Do You Need Professional Refrigerator Repair?

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Professional Refrigerator Repair

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A refrigerator hums along, dutifully keeping your sustenance fresh, your drinks cold, and serving as the reliable storage place for food. Refrigerators aren’t expected to break down,

but sometimes they do. When this happens, many people consider the fridge dead. However, usually a simple repair will allow the refrigerator to continue being the workhorse that it is, running well and preserving your food. Of course, when such a situation does occur, it’ll be important to Contact Us who can accurately diagnose and execute a repair on your refrigerator.

A refrigerator is an effective solution to most problems encountered with this appliance. Yet, one caveat is that diagnosing the exact problem can be tricky, and carrying out the repair requires seasoned expertise as well. Many refrigerator problems can have the same symptoms, and a truly skilled technician will be able to find the main reason for any malfunction. At Michatech Appliance Repair, we will perform an accurate and reliable diagnosis. Most of the time, there is one simple solution to the problem. How exactly is your refrigerator acting up? Here are some of the ways a fridge can malfunction, and what some

of the most common reasons might be.

The refrigerator is leaking water:

This happens for several reasons, and is a commonly repaired problem. Refrigerators all produce a normal amount of condensation, and this water is drained through a drainage system in the refrigerator, and out into the room’s plumbing. One reason is that the drain line may be clogged, either by ice or by accumulated debris. These have common and different solutions, and a refrigerator repair expert will be able to find out why and fix it right. Another reason is too much condensation, which has various causes and solutions.

Refrigerator not cooling:

The quintessential refrigerator repair issue is that the unit does not cool. Of course, this issue has many possible causes. One common problem is that a fan is not working. This is a simple fix for a seasoned professional. Fans are used to circulate cold air, and if one of these is not working, the refrigerator will not get cold enough.

Another possible problem is that the refrigerator got too cold. When its cooling coil runs non-stop, it builds up ice. This ice is regularly melted through a defrost cycle. If there is a refrigerator defrost problem, air flow will again be affected, and you will find that the refrigerator is not cold. Defrost problem diagnosis involves an analysis to determine what exactly is causing the fridge not to defrost.

Electrical problems can also occur, which will short out components and not allow the refrigerator to function. A repairman can investigate your refrigerator circuit to find out where the problem is, and correctly fix it.

Last but not least, there may be problems with the refrigerant level or compressor. This part of the unit is also complex but understood by professional techs. As you can see, there are many things that can go wrong inside a refrigerator, but we are a appliance repair experts and can find the problem and fix it easily in almost all cases. If not, you can trust us to give you our honest opinion.

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