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More Common Problems With Dryers

Gas Dryers

Gas dryers are uncommon in the Front Range, but not obsolete. If you have a gas dryer that has stopped heating, the cause is likely one of the three pieces listed below:


The igniter is responsible for creating a spark to generate heat. When it malfunctions, the dryer will stop producing heat immediately. If you decide to check this component yourself, disconnect the dryer’s power source and gas hookups before starting.

Radiant Flame Sensors:

The radiant flame sensor is responsible for monitoring the pilot flame in your dryer. If the flame does not ignite or isn’t producing enough heat to trigger the flame sensor, the sensor notices this and stops heat generation. When this sensor starts to malfunction, the dryer could stop heating as a safety precaution.

Control Valve:

Too much gas in a dryer’s ignition chamber can cause serious safety issues. To moderate the amount of gas that enters the ignition area, gas dryers feature a “control valve” that allows gas to safely flow to the ignitor. If the valve breaks or stops functioning correctly, the heating elements will also stop working.

Dryers are powered by 240 volts of electricity, making them extremely dangerous to repair for individuals who aren’t prepared with the right tools or experience. Rather than risk your safety, get your dryer fixed quickly by enlisting the help of Michatech Appliance Repair

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